Supporting Conservative Social

January 27, 2021 by at Tennessee
Supporting Conservative Social
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You are aware already of the relentless attack Big Tech and the media have waged against Conservative Speech and ideas. At Return Red our goal is to offer a Conservative solution to other social network platforms. While other platforms do exist they are typically either controlled by liberal ideologues or foreign entities. Either way, this not only puts your Conservative ideas at risk for being squelched it also puts your personal data at risk for being used against you. Are you aware that Facebook and LinkedIn have been caught colluding on sharing of private data? They are not the only ones and what is going on in the background of most other platforms is a grave risk to Conservative speech and if you are a Conservative puts you at risk of being canceled not only online but in some cases at your very place of employment. 

At Return Red mission is to provide Conservative Americans a safe alternative. At Return Red we collect the minimum amount of information necessary to make a social platform possible. We are American serving EXCLUSIVELY America. We do not collect additional personal information on your postings to be used against you and we do not sell your data or otherwise collude with other providers for the purpose of advertising or profits.

Most do not realize the extreme costs there are in developing and hosting a social platform. The reason there are so few viable options in the market is the extraordinarily high financial point of entry and ongoing maintenance along with the added cost of achieving exposure through alternative means due to current Big Tech and media blackouts to Conservative social alternatives.


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