Dr. Fauci now says that we should wear two masks at the same time.One year into covid19 and the science is still making 'left' turns. Are they saying 'a' mask doesn't really work?
  No, I will not wear two masks at the same time. I will wear 'one' if the establishment I'm entering requires it, if they want two, I'll go elsewhere. The mask was originally purported to keep 'you' from giving the virus to 'someone else'. I don't have it. 
  If we continue to listen to this tool/fool we'll all have to learn ASL just to ask someone at our own dinner table to pass the biscuits.

Last update on January 28, 10:33 am by Jack D Gernaey.
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What if 75 Million walked out of their houses tomorrow in full HASMAT suits? Snowflakes would absolutely melt into full panic mode. Take us down the road of control small steps at a time though and they melt down about anyone who does not comply.