Publish Date: January 17, 2021
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Donald L Sharp
I've listened to these gentlemen for several years including Ralph Bristol. I've listened to Rush as well. Phil practically reads my mind on every issue. I like his sense of humor as well.
Like January 27, 2021
Roger Smith
I have issue with the term "best." A talk show host is not a static commodity. Phil is the most entertaining of the list. Michael has the quality so many classic hosts do of being able to turn on a dime and not bat an eye. Who's I rather listen to? Phil, all the way.
Like January 28, 2021
Ron Ortez
IDK. They each have different personalities and somewhat the same opinions which I like a lot. My favorite varies moment to moment. Love the staff and Ms. Pamela too
Like February 11, 2021
Phil at the cabin
Phil and Campbell Valentine
Phil Valentine
Phil Valentine
Phil Valentine
Phil Valentine
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