by Published on January 26, 2021

Twitter has announced it's newest social policing programs. While these are being represented as methods to stop misinformation, as most Conservatives already realize, liberals have relabeled any information they disagree with as misinformation, hate speech, and lies. Big Tech's goal seems to be to eliminate non-conforming views that do not match their liberal own. In fact, they are actively lobbying to develop a standard by which the US government should use these guidelines for ALL social platforms.

While on the surface, many democrats are making proclamations against social media, evidence from the recent Senate hearing's where both Mark Zuckerbrrg and Jack Dorsey made multiple requests to discuss topics in "Private" indicate the backroom "discussions" are plenty. An astute player in social/politics, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has stated recently "Democrats are discussing plans to 'reign in' media' misinformation'" and "the plan could be part of a 'truth and reconciliation committee.'" - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9149219/AOC-slammed-suggestion-federal-commission-rein-press.html 


Now under liberal political favor, Jack Dorsey has recently announced two new programs. The first is Bluesky. The goal of Bluesky in Jack Dorsey's own words is to: "to create a set of open and decentralized technical standards for (ALL) social media platforms...", "These standards would allow users of different social media platforms to communicate and could make it easier to enforce rules against hate speech and other abuse", and "The standard would allow Twitter to focus its "efforts on building open recommendation algorithms which promote healthy conversation,".



The next program is known as Birdwatch. While Birdwatch is being touted as an aim to identify misinformation, we already know what Twitter and the other Big Tech giants consider to be misinformation.


Here are some direct quotes from Keith Coleman, Product VP at Twitter: 

"Birdwatch allows people to identify information in Tweets they believe is misleading and write notes that provide informative context.", "Eventually, we aim to make notes visible directly on Tweets for the global Twitter audience when there is consensus.", "As we develop algorithms that power Birdwatch — such as reputation and consensus systems..." and "embedding a member of the University of Chicago's Center for RISC on our team to hosting feedback sessions with experts in a variety of disciplines, we're also reaching beyond our virtual walls and integrating social science and academic perspectives into the development of Birdwatch."



Most of you may recall from various social science courses the theory on Conformity through Group Persuasion. Such tactics are a key method to having people agree with something even when they know and have proof in front of them that such is incorrect. 


Understanding that Big Tech has actively been censoring and removing Conservative ideas gives Big Tech Conservative users the perspective that they are in the minority, and thus causes them to question their core beliefs. With Bluesky and Birdwatch's addition to Twitter's arsenal, it appears their plan is to eliminate any Conservative dissent and further perpetuate anyone on the Right as being fringe and prone to spreading their version of misinformation and hate speech.


For those who are unaware of Group Persuasion studies and how such practices can be used to perpetuate false thoughts and even lead to incitement of violence. Examples of this were seen through several radical leftist groups over the summer of 2020. Here is an excerpt from "Influence and Persuasion in Small Groups" which highlights it only takes a vocal few to change one's mindset and invoke self-doubt.




The Power of Numbers

A.The early studies: While most of us think we are quite independent, it is very disconcerting to realize how important sheer numbers are when it comes to influencing. The power of peers and, in particular, the power of a majority is one of the most well-established findings in Social Psychology. It is so powerful that, faced with a majority of others who agree on a particular attitude or judgment, we are likely to adopt the majority judgment whether their judgment is right or wrong.

In a now classical study by Solomon Asch (1956), people came to an experiment in groups of 5 to 7. Unknown to the "real" subject; however, the other 4 to 6 people were confederates of the experiment. They were hired to agree on a judgment that was wrong. In this experiment, the group was shown a series of slides, as illustrated in Figure 1. They saw a "standard" line and were asked to name which of the 3 comparison lines was equal to the standard. This task is easy. When people were alone, they were correct. In Figure 1, that answer is "2". They knew which line was equal. However, in the experimental setting, the "real" subject 2 was last; he heard the judgments of the other 4 to 6 people in order. And, one by one, they all agreed on the same answer. The problem is their answer was incorrect. For example, all would say "1" was the line equivalent to the standard. What happened? Did people laugh out loud, knowing those other people were incorrect? Did they feel superior while they maintained what was, in fact, the correct position? No. Fully l/3 of the responses from the naïve subjects were in agreement with the majority; they said "1". Further, 75% of the people agreed with the erroneous majority on at least one of the trials. Even when using perceptual items, e.g., length of lines, people will abdicate the information from their own senses and adopt even an erroneous majority view. Furthermore, this is not a single study. Literally, hundreds of studies have documented this phenomenon (Allen, l965; Levine, l989)."

-         https://irle.berkeley.edu/files/2004/Influence-and-Persuasion-in-Small-Groups.pdf


The end result of this is that if you are a Conservative, you need to realize you are being targeted for reprogramming. The insidious nature of such acts by Big Tech and everyday media is such that most of us do not even realize this reprogramming is happening. 

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