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by Published on January 15, 2021


Conservative speech is being stifled daily. Our values are under attack. Our businesses, families and lifestyle are being trashed. At Return Red we offer a conservative alternative to an otherwise liberal controlled landscape.


This service is EXPENSIVE and DIFFICULT to develop and maintain. Talent is short to come by and many businesses do not have the courage to stand up for the very Capitalism that keeps their business afloat.

  • If you are a business that aligns with conservative values, PLEASE HELP SUPPORT US! 
  • If you are an individual who is tired of being told free speech is fine as long as it is in line with a liberal viewpoint, WE NEED YOUR MEMBERSHIP!
  •  If you have talents in the fields of technology, design, influence, business, law, etc., WE NEED YOU!


Think you are a liberal? Has your business suffered, or have you lost your job due to the ongoing shutdowns as a result of liberal policies? Maybe it is time to re-align, self-examine, and look at opportunities instead of hope for government rescue and handouts.


If you believe the American Dream is built on opportunity as a result of your own work, you are a Conservative. If you believe your fair share is the share you worked for, you are a Conservative. If you believe in Freedom and Liberty you are a Conservative.


If you believe the only answer to life's problems is big government and handouts you are a liberal. If you believe it is your right to take what others have worked for and you have not you are a liberal. If you believe it is alright for the liberal elite to syphon off your efforts and live posh lifestyles, while you eke out a minimal existence you are a liberal. If you think it is alright for liberal politicians to go about their days with parties, enjoying their boat rides, and getting their hair done, at otherwise closed salons, while telling you to stay inside or you will PAY you are a liberal. If you are not happy unless everyone else is unhappy you are a liberal.

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by January 15, 2021
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Trump WAS WRONG!   When President Donald Trump described Washington DC and politics as the swamp he was wrong. While optically this may have been correct, as most of us associate swamps with bleak mucky ecological areas, from a scientific standpoint they are actually quite nutrient rich contributors to the overall environment. Politics is rarely nutrient rich nor does it often contribute back.   So, if swamp was not the best analogy what is? Washington and as we now know politics nationwide ...
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At Return Red we think it is important to have an open and honest discussion with regards to what is known as Section 230 and the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. We feel that other social platforms have had the full right to censor the information on their sites. Make no mistake we will do the same.   Where we feel other platforms have gone wrong is in misleading people about their information and intent. Many have said that they respect the open opinions of everyone when this was in fac...
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Unity WINS! At Return Red our goal is to put America First. History has proven that as America rises so does the rest of the world.   We feel that every country should have this same goal in mind for themselves. If all countries worked to be the best they can be, then the world would experience dramatic positive change. Poverty would lessen, hunger would disappear, humanity would prosper, education levels would rise, health levels and longevity would improve, the environment would flourish, l...