by Published on February 18, 2021

At Return Red, we recognize content has value. In contrast to other social platforms that take most if not all the profit from user-generated content, Return Red has a different philosophy. At Return Red, we believe that when an advertiser wishes to place advertising on a member’s content, the member should have a say in if the advertising is allowed. If they agree it is appropriate, then we split the ad revenue with them. Our payout is a whopping 1/3 of the total ad buy-in. For members that produce evergreen (always relevant) content, they can benefit over-and-over as new advertisers wish to sponsor the content without the member needing to produce a new piece to continue earning.


At Return Red, we maintain very-high advertising standards. At Return Red, you will not see the same kind of trash that proliferates the rest of the internet. No get rich quick schemes, no sex sells this stuff marketing, no ads produced by countries like China that do not have our user’s best interest at heart. No ads that take your high-quality content and diminish its value.

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