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by August 22, 2021
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We want to express our deepest sympathy and prayers to family and frineds of Phil Valentine. Phil Valentine passed away on 8/21/21. Phil was a leader in the Conservative movement and one of the motivating reasons Return Red was established. Having been a listener of Phil from his first broadcast in Nashville I can say he will be truly missed.
by March 16, 2021
Socialism / Communism, for the Left as Biden, says it's merely "cultural differences". As professed, "Reverend" Raphael Warnock claimed in a 2016 sermon socialism is a Christian dictate. According to Bernie Sanders, "Socialism has a lot of different messages to different people." And "I think there has been too much of a reluctance on the part of progressives and radicals to use the word 'socialism.'" As for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez she says "So when millennials talk about concepts like democrat...
by February 28, 2021
As of today, the Senate is evenly divided, with Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote where such is needed. As we all know, this means, in reality, the Democrats control the Senate. While this may hold true by the numbers, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are proving to be thorns in the side of democrats wishing to bulldoze through a long list of liberal policies. While Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are considered moderate democrats by today's standard, it should not be lost on anyone; they...
by February 18, 2021
At Return Red, we recognize content has value. In contrast to other social platforms that take most if not all the profit from user-generated content, Return Red has a different philosophy. At Return Red, we believe that when an advertiser wishes to place advertising on a member’s content, the member should have a say in if the advertising is allowed. If they agree it is appropriate, then we split the ad revenue with them. Our payout is a whopping 1/3 of the total ad buy-in. For members that pro...
by February 17, 2021
  While 2020 did not turn out for Republicans in the Presidential race we made significant gains in the US House. During 2020 Democrats flipped 3 seats while Republicans flipped 15. Based on the numbers that means in 2022 Republicans only need to flip 5 seats, while retaining all current seats in order to retake the House. Even more optimistic would be to primary the 10 House members that voted to impeach Trump a 2nd time on top of adding 5 new Conservatives. This would not only give us a Repub...
by February 16, 2021
1. According to the Congressional Budget Office, more people will be put out of work (1.4M) than are raised out of poverty (900K). ( ) The outcome means a net loss of benefits to 500K. While earning a wage but remaining in poverty is undoubtedly no ideal, relegating one to the unemployed level thrusts most to the highest level of impoverishment.   2. Raising minimum wage across the nation without considering regional differences i...