by Published on February 28, 2021

As of today, the Senate is evenly divided, with Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote where such is needed. As we all know, this means, in reality, the Democrats control the Senate. While this may hold true by the numbers, Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are proving to be thorns in the side of democrats wishing to bulldoze through a long list of liberal policies. While Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema are considered moderate democrats by today's standard, it should not be lost on anyone; they are still democrats. While votes against far-leftist agenda items are appreciated, they should not be counted on. This is especially true for Sinema, who has decried Capitalism, likened Ragen to "Saddam and Osma lovers", and said on live radio that it would be fine for those who wished to join the Taliban.


Critical Democrat Seats To Focus On:

Basic math dictates to flip control of the Senate back to Republican control that all 20 seats held by Republicans that are up for vote be kept and that at least one of the 14 seats up from Democrats be flipped. Given that 5 of the following candidates won by 6% or less, a Conservative goal of at least 5 flips should be aspired to, thus putting Republicans back in solid control, even in the face of RINO liberal support on many items.

By their most recent election and notably slim margins of victory, the following democrat seats are those that are the most vulnerable ones. Conservatives should place the greatest focus on running non-RINO candidates with solid Conservative foundations for these seats. In order of the smallest margin of victory in their latest election, these most vulnerable seats include:
New Hampshire: Maggie Hassan - .1% Margin of Victory
Georgia: Raphael Warnock - 2.1% Margin of Victory
Nevada: Catherine Cortez Masto – 2.4% Margin of Victory
Arizona: Mark Kelly – 2.4% Margin of Victory
Colorado: Michael Bennet – 5.7% Margin of Victory

Of these 5 races, all except Colorado are ranked as lean democrat support. While Colorado is ranked as strong democrat, policies of the current administration may have an adverse effect on the state, giving hope that a strong well supported Conservative candidate with a well-articulated message could pull off a victory.


Who to Primary:

While we started this article based on simple math and stated that all seats currently under Republican control would need to remain such, there is one point of concern that needs to be firmly addressed. Senator Lisa Murkowski is the equivalent of the Joe Manchin thorn in the side of Conservatives. Murkowski is a known anti-Trump supporter and is, in fact, ranked the most liberal Republican in senate voting. Lisa Murkowski is, in fact, the poster child for RINO's. Compared to other notable liberals, she voted in the 116th Congress session (2019-2020) with democrats Dick Durbin 50% of the time and Dianne Feinstein 52% of the time.

While Lisa's home state of Alaska is considered staunchly Republican, it should be noted that it is also heavily influenced by Conservatism with Trump's margin of victory in the 2020 election at 10% and with Murkowski's margin of victory at 15.2% in 2016. Given Murkowski's heavy liberal-leaning, obvious liberal voting record, anti-Trump agenda, division that she has stoked in the Republican party, and Trump's promise to see she is primaried by a more Conservative candidate, Murkowski's seat is very much in question. Should Conservatives and Republicans be unable to coalesce around a strong candidate, this is surely a seat the democrats will have their eyes on flipping to their advantage in 2022. While it would certainly be preferable to have a Conservative Republican fill the Alaska Senate seat, many Conservatives will be questioning if having a democrat in the seat is any worse than having such a liberal RINO alternative. In our political opinion, if Lisa has a Conservative bone in her body, she should do the appropriate thing and step aside in favor of a more Conservative candidate. Anything less is, in fact, an endorsement for democrat control. Since she has poisoned her brand in her rhetoric and voting history, she has about as much chance of winning her seat back as an Alaskan snowball surviving the summer in Key West Florida.


Sending Solid Conservatives:


Next, we need to look at the remaining 19 Republican-held seats outside of AK to determine where we need to focus on replacing outgoing candidates with solid Conservative options. 15 of the 19 seats seem to be well under Republican control; however, currently, there are 4 seats that will be vacated by Republicans in 2022 that are of particular concern. These 4 seats include North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Alabama. Two of these seats, North Carolina and Pennsylvania, held by Richard Burr and Pat Toomey, were likely seats that would have faced heavy primary challenges given each of these senators' votes to convict Trump on his 2nd sham impeachment.

Given that these seats will not have incumbents vying for re-election, liberals will undoubtedly seek to sew chaos and will funnel high levels of cash into these states with the hopes of capturing these seats for the democrat side, with Pennsylvania given its corrupt voting system and North Carolina and Ohio with its lean Republican standing being the areas of greatest focus.

As the left seeks to take advantage of non-Constitutional changes in voting laws, support of the fake news media,  kid gloving journalist with respect to liberal candidates, and overt Censorship and misrepresentations by Big Tech such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon, GoDaddy, and many others, chances of stealing these seats from Republican control is a strong potential reality. This makes flipping the 5 previously mentioned democrat seats all that more important under the distinct potential that these 4 at-risk Republican seats, as well as Murkowski's, would, in essence, place us right back where we are with dems still in control of the Senate. The difference, however, would be 5 eager libs ready to more fervently press leftist, socialist, and in some cases, even communist ideologies.

In response to the left's radical agenda and the candidates they will put forward, it will be critical that Republicans choose solid Conservative candidates to mount a vigorous defense for these seats. These candidates must understand how to mobilize a campaign at the grass-roots level to overcome the obvious Big Tech and media hurdles they will face. They must be able to articulate a core Conservative message. They must have the fortitude necessary to combat the onslaught of liberal attacks by democrats, the lib-left media, and the increasing interference and pandering of social(ist) media.

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